Pool Supplies

Indigo Pools is your source for quality swimming pool supplies at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for equipment or accessories for your pool, we have everything you need to take care of every aspect of pool maintenance and care. At Indigo Pools our experts will help you choose the pool supplies that fit your budget and maximize your fun. From keeping the water safe and clean to floats, games and toys, Indigo Pools has you covered so your pool can stay open all summer.


Pool Chemicals

A well-balanced pool is necessary to ensure its health and longevity. This involves chemicals such as algaecides, clarifiers, sanitizers and shock that can be used to enhance a pools water quality. We carry name brands such as TropiClear, Natural Chemistry, Jacks Magic and United Chemical.


Pool Water Testing

Indigo Pools offers safe, reliablewater testing. Bring in a water sample and our staff will analyze the sample for you and make the recommendations to keep your pool looking great. Our computerized water analysis software will provide you with the proper adjustments necessary to keep your pool water in balance for you to enjoy.


Pool Accessories

  We carry many accessories for your pool and outdoor living area. Qualityin-pool floats from Floating Luxuries are made with products that last such as Sunbrella materials. We also display and sell Ledge Lounger in water pool furniture to use in your pool on your sunledge. We also have decorative and fun wall art, candles, fire tables and space heaters to enhance your outdoor living space.


Pool Equipment

  It is essential to have the right pool equipment that will rid your pool of unwanted materials and debris as well as keep it at the right temperature. We have everything you need to get your pool ready for action: automatic pool cleaners, pool filters, pool heaters, pool pumps, salt chlorine generators, automation systems and more. We carry a large selection of the most reputable and desirable brand names. Ask us about potential rebates and extended warranties offered by Pentair and how you can take advantage of those programs.